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Concrete Contractor Winnipeg

Want to keep your surfaces smooth? Choose Kiddcrete in Winnipeg. Our team of licensed and bonded concrete contractors, led by owner Dustin Kidd, offers complete home concrete services including breaking, leveling and stamp concrete creation. We have experience with both residential and commercial concrete work. Need a home landscaper? Need snow clearing, snow hauling or snow removal? We can do that, too.

Home Landscaping Solutions

Kiddcrete is a relatively new company, but our team of contractors is dedicated and passionate about bringing the best service to each of our clients. When it comes to landscaping for your business or house, concrete installations can do wonders. We can help you through your various landscaping renovation choices so you can figure out what works best for your property.

Why do the Concrete Curbs Need Attention?

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, it is important to allot some time to think about the curbs surrounding the property. The reason behind this is that a properly constructed, designed, installed, and preserved curb, made by a well-known concrete contractor Winnipeg holds a lot of value. They are able to guide the water away from the property into the drains and prevents pedestrians and drivers from going in the wrong direction.

Few people know that curbs can add monetary value to a certain property. For intricately designed and installed curbs, contact Kiddcrete Construction. They are a well-known concrete contractor Winnipeg who have a team of experienced professionals for your concrete construction needs.

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